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Spartan Mass
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Spartan Mass

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Spartan MASS BY Sparta Nutrition SPARTAN MASS V2 | ULTIMATE 1-ANDRO & 4-ANDRO STACK Prepare yourself for the ultimate all-in-one 1-Andro and 4-Andro stack. Spartan Mass V2 is a new breed of prohormones, unlike others, that comes stacked with a whoppingåÊ100mg of 1-AndroåÊandåÊ100mg of 4-AndroåÊper capsule with the gold standard of delivery ‰ÛÒ Cyclosome‰ã¢ Delivery Technology. Say good bye to multiple bottles or hundreds of dollars on sub-par stacks. Spartan Mass V2 aids: Muscle Mass Gains Explosive Strength Insane Power Aids in recovery Improves energy all cycle long Little-to-no toxicity åÊ SPARTAN MASS V2 l MASS PROHORMONE INGREDIENTS åÊ 1-ANDROåÊis a naturally occurring metabolite od DHEA in the body, incapable of converting to estrogen. Therefore: extremely lean dry compound with low risk. 1-Andro will ultimately go through a two-step conversion 1-Testosterone. With an anabolic-androgenic ration of 1:2, this means gainsåÊandåÊaggression. åÊ 4-ANDROåÊis a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA, which has the possibility to aromatize into estrogen, at a low rate. 4-Andro converts to 4-Testosterone within the body. 4-Andro is a powerful prohormone, remarkable for its strength and size effects. åÊ CYCLOSOME‰ã¢ DELIVERY TECHNOLOGY åÊ Cyclosome‰ã¢ Delivery Technology is the premier pharmaceutical grade delivery technology for prohormones ‰ÛÒ better than the very commonåÊLiposomalåÊby eons ‰ÛÒ and that‰Ûªs without a doubt. Cyclosome‰ã¢ Technology is the reason prohormone compounds today are feasible. åÊ Cyclosome‰ã¢ increases the bioavailability and effectiveness of prohormone compounds by undergoing cyclodextrin prior to lipid encapsulation. Cyclosome‰ã¢ Delivery boasts a monstrous increase of >90% increase in bioavailability ‰ÛÒ meaning higher yield of absorption and increased gains! åÊ Cyclosome‰ã¢ Delivery is the first 100% pharmaceutical grade delivery system to combine both cyclodextrins and liposomes in supplements. Many of our ‰ÛÏcompetitors‰Û use Liposomal Technology, however all the data shows that it is sub par in comparison to Cyclosome‰ã¢ ‰ÛÒ and a whole lot more expensive to use.

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