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Pro-hormones have been around for many years, some have been discontinued and some are still around today. So why are these supplements so popular with gym goers and bodybuilders? Its simple they work and why do they work you ask? Well most of these products convert to hormones once ingested, which increases our bodies natural hormone levels. The benifits to higher hormone levels are plenty, such as leaner muscle, bigger fuller muscles, faster recovery time and the ability to eat more. All of these are key elements to building muscle. 
Pro-hormone types

How many different types of these supplement are there? Two major ones, first is what are called Andros other wise known as hybird DHEA supplements. These products work but they are not responsible for all the hype that these products have gained over the years. The popularity of these products come from users taking methylated products which are now hard to find. 

Who uses products?

These products are used by a wide range of consumers from bodybuilders to athletes of all types. These products are used to help give athletes an advantage over their competition.
Pros for bulking:

  • D6 Great product for those looking to add size without a ton of bloat.
  • Sasquatch Another great product for size and strength with very little bloat. (A little stronger than D6 but cost more)
  • Mammoth Once again great product for Lean size and strength may deliver leaner results than Sasquatch
  • King One of the stronger pros but not a huge fan of the powder but it does deliver.
  • Methaquad The strongest safest pro we have very little risk for side effects delivers wet muscle mass.
Best Cutting Pros:
  • DMAZZ Great for lean muscle no water retention with this product.
  • Hexadrol Very similar to the old halodrol can be used for lean muscle less sides than DMAZZ
  • 11 OXO (Don't be fooled by this product it works even works while running on a true steroid cycle.)
  • Read the following article from Evolutionary.org (click here)on how powerful this product is. For under $40.00 YOU CANNOT GO Wrong!


Many advanced users stack several compounds in order to get maximum results from their cycle. Normally when your stacking these types of products its best to use single compounds instead of premixed stacks. The problem with using a premixed stack is you may get more of one compound than you want. Most of these products have sweet spots. Lets use DHEA for an example according to many of the forums out there 75mg is the sweet spot for this compound. Now lets say you have a halodrol product that is mixed with 10mg of 1-andro. In order to get the proper amount of hdrol you will get more than the recommended dose of 4-andro.

What Products should I use?
If you are looking for lean gains you will want to use something like 1-andro this product will offer lean gains with very little water weight. This is a safe product to use with no side effects. Users will normally see lean gains in size and also increase in strength on most lifts. 

If you are looking for size I suggest looking at using 4-andro another product that is safe but will get you some size. This product will give you a little more water retention which is great for lifters trying to move heavy weights. The extra water in the joints can be very helpful when attmepting to move heavy weight. 

These products are classified as Sports Supplements