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Xcel Sports Napalm Pro-hormone Supplement

Xcel Sports Napalm Is a serious mass building anabolic prohormone that will add muscle to anyones physique! Have you been killing it in the gym but your stuck in a hole and not making any gains at all? Well Xcel has the cure for breaking out of this hole and building a freaky muscular physique like most Pro Bodybuilders have. This high powered supplement is filled with muscle building prohormones that will leave your body with no choice but to grow bigger. If you’re wanting to gain muscle mass you need Napalm in youre gym bag!



Fast Recovery

Stronger Lifts

Muscle Fullness


Agression in the gym

Increase in lean muscle


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Supplement Facts:

Serving Size 1 Cap 3 times a day

Mentabolon 12mg 


Max LMG 20mg

Cyanostane 20mg

Carbopol 20mg 

5-A Hydroxy Laxogenin 40mg

Interfusing Organ Guard 300mg

Tongkat, Milk Thistle, N-acetyl-L-cysteine 


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