11-OXO Pro By Hardcore Formulations

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11-OXO Pro By Hardcore Formulations

Hardcore Formulations 11-oxo Pro is a non-aromatizing  prohormone supplement. This product is responsible for dry lean muscle gains and a increase in fat loss also helps increase libido.

11-oxo’s conversion to 11-ketotestosterone in the human body is much of what contributes to it’s noticeable androgenic effect in the user. 11-Keto-androstenedione or 11-keto-androstenetrione are trademark names for this hormone, while the correct name would be androst-4-ene-3,11,17-trione., but we will call it 11-oxo.


Hardcore Formulations

Hardcore Formulations makers of some of the best muscle building products on the market. Known for their prohormones before the ban of 2014.


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