Quest Bars

I have been doing bodybuilding diets for several years now, over the years I have had a lot of my clients ask me if they could use protein bars. Of course the answer was always no, most protein bars in the sports supplement world are junk and full of sugar. About a year ago one of the female bodybuilders I work with asked me to take a look at Quest Bars for her. So I got on the phone with one of my vendors and ordered a box of Quest Apple Pie Bars. Once I got them in the first thing I noticed was 20g of protein, I guess years of being a bodybuilder that’s the first thing I look for. Next I noticed only 1g of sugar which is huge for a protein bar some have up to 30g of sugar. I continued on looking at the carbs which was 24g, this may seem high to some but there is 18g of fiber so that makes this is a great low carb bar. So far I’m impressed so I take a look at the fat contents and once again I’m amazed only 5g of fat and no Trans Fat. Ok so the nutrition facts are great which means this thing must taste horrible right? Well I was wrong in thinking that, the taste was amazing this was truly like eating a piece of apple pie. They tasted so good that I might of eaten two of these nutrition supplement bars in one sitting. Finally a bar that taste great and is not full of sugar and junk carbs! This has been long overdue to the bodybuilding supplement world.

So here is my supplement review on the amazing Quest Protein Bar.

I give the quest bar a 10 for amazing taste, low sugars and 20g of protein.

I finally found an alternative to my boring protein powder!