FDA warns about using Kratom in nutritional supplements

The Food and Drug Administration is on a mission to attack regulators and patients over the safety of using a popular herbal supplement for pain called Kratom. The FDA is branding this herb as a dangerous drug.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb explains that compounds in the plant make it an opioid and that its not just a plant declared in a statement.

Tuesday the FDA’s warning intensified about kramtom saying that recent research provides strong evidence that this un-regulated nutritional substance has Opioid properties and has been associated with 44 deaths.

Back in 2016 the DEA was initially moving to ban its sale citing Kratom “imminent hazard to public safety.”  In August of 2016 the DEA announced it would make kratom a Schedule 1 drug — the same as heroin, LSD, marijuana, and ecstasy. However the decision was delayed after some members of congress urged the DEA to delay the ban and allow the public a chance to comment on the situation. The DEA finally withdrew its intent to make Kratom a scheduled 1 Drug.

Users take this supplement for relief of pain, anxiety and even depression. It is said that this compound can even produce a feeling of euphoria. Many call it a safe way to deal with chronic pain and other medical conditions.

We would love to hear what our members feel should be done with Kratom it is a herb so should it still be allowed to be labeled as a supplement?