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Whey protein is one of the best supplements for overall health and wellness!

Increased Energy - Muscle Freaks Nutrition

Increased Energy

This product will help you increase protein intake, which is critical for keeping energy levels high after intense training.

Weight Loss - Muscle Freaks Nutrition

Weight Loss

Increasing protein intake has been shown to help decrease body weight and reduce fat.

Ultra Velly Whey - Muscle Freaks Nutrition

Muscle Builder - Muscle Freaks Nutrition

Muscle Builder

This product will help speedup recovery time from weight training which is key to building lean muscle.

Improves Memory - Muscle Freaks Nutrition

Improves Memory

Whey protein could improve cognitive performance under stress.


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Gary Lewis

” Since I started CrossFit  classes at this gym, my self confidence have risen significantly. I can do dozens more of push-ups and lifts than ever before. Now I’m absolutely hooked up for a healthy lifestyle and a life full of physical activity! “

Nickie O’Malley

” FlexUp GYM & Crossfit had me at a first fitness workout. It’s a truly inspiring team of fitness professionals. They are able to spread the love for what they teach to everyone. Their abilities and enthusiasm are just overwhelming! “

Gerladina Smith

“I began attending this CrossFit and fitness studio just few months after my pregnancy ended. I still had an extra weight problem then. But coaches helped me to bounce back and get to the top of my physical shape again! I’m so grateful!”